Main features of the new YETTI PRO:
➖15 days of testing by the "Downloaded-Delivered" system on any broker, account, without contacting support;
➖Smart "TT" link allows you to fix the trawl before the time;
➖Double locking system allows you to hedge positions when volatility is strong;
➖The visuals are nice, the information panel is multilingual;
➖The downloading of information from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange allows you to better navigate the market;
➖Determination of a safe trading price range (basic levels of option interest of large market participants according to CME);
➖Smart drying allows you to exit the market quickly
➖Timed trading intervals allow you to adjust the robot to trade on the desired time zones;
➖Clever and safe market exits before expiry of option contracts (expiry of monthly option contracts according to CME data)
➖The candlestick-break system allows you to avoid placing excessive orders during sudden movements
➖and much more, which allows us to call the strategy we have put together under the hood of the robot.

highly profitable multi-currency advisor

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