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Yetti Classic yield:
  • per month +60%
  • per 2022 +750%
JINN yield:
  • per month +37%
  • per 2022 +400%
Yetti PRO yield:
  • за месяц +55%
  • за 2022 +700%
Our services are used by hundreds of traders around the world
EAs for trading on the foreign exchange market
Reliable and profitable robots for MT4 and MT5 terminals. More than two years on the market. Hundreds of clients in more than 11+ countries around the world. Real results, backed up by figures and reviews in an open chat.
We are creating a healthy open and closed community of investors in the foreign exchange market. It is allowed to share opinions and recommendations in the chat. In a closed chat, we give recommendations on the market and robot management.
One of the best VPS for traders in the CIS segment.
Fast, optimized and pre-installed terminals will make trading reliable and comfortable.
The VPS deployment period from purchase to terminal launch does not exceed 10 minutes.
We are ready to provide you with a White Label on our flagship robots for your business. When working with us, you get prompt technical support, an unique adaptive for each businessman, a control panel and much more. All details at the request.
Forex robots, also known as Expert Advisors, is a computer program based on a set of signals for currency trading, which helps to determine whether to buy or sell a certain currency pair at a certain time.
Speed and Accuracy. Robots analyze the situation in a fraction of a second and immediately make a deal. This is important because the price change is recorded in real time, and on dozens of assets at the same time. In such a volatile market as Forex, a person will not do that.
Human intervention is minimal. This means that the probability of mistakes due to emotions or other human factors is sharply reduced.
Profitability and great reach. The trading robot trades quickly and opens trades as soon as it sees a signal. The program is capable of processing hundreds of transactions per day. No one is able to work hard at this pace.
A person can work with several charts at a time, focusing on the main markets. The Forex Expert Advisor monitors all markets at the same time.
Diversification. You can configure the forex robot so that it works with correlated currency pairs, opens counter trades and uses other methods of risk diversification. A person will not be able to do this, and the trading robot works as if nothing had happened.
Our line includes more than 5 robots. Each of them is unique in its strategy. All robots have an original concept and ideology. The robots are unique and complement each other perfectly in the portfolio.
A modern high-yield Expert Advisor that has absorbed all the trends of the last 5 years and adapted to the post-pandemic market

Three unique advisors SATYR, PEGAS, PHOENIX.
Each has its own trading algorithm, its own pairs
and unique protection systems.

Yetti Classic the classic version of the YETTI EA. Multiple
tournament champion with 3
deposit protection systems and more than 4 time-tested settings
best trading systems > for the best investors
Our monitorings and clients’ monitorings. The numbers speak better than any slogans.
(the data is provided by the independent myfxbook monitoring service)
White Label on our advisors for your business! $0 royalty. High payback
EA in every house

We have a lot of experience that we can share with you and your business.
Working with us, you will get not just a robot, but a champion robot with a modern system of protection against hacking and copying.
Access to the admin panel and licensing system management allows you to quickly and accurately introduce clients to the market and monitor the status of their trading.

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The experience that we are ready to share! Trading advisors are designed for the dynamic forex currency market and are tested on our own accounts.

VPS from Simple Invest
What is Forex VPS (Forex Windows VPS)?
Forex VPS (Windows) is a virtual dedicated server that allows you to solve two main trader's problems: to ensure the EA work 24 hours a day and reduce the order execution time to a minimum (increase the execution speed)
  • 1 мт4/мт5 terminal
  • SIGroup cross-broker terminal
  • RAM 512mb DDR4
  • 20GB NVMe SSD
  • Unlimited traffic
  • France/Germany location
  • 2 мт4/мт5 terminals
  • SIGroup cross-broker terminal
  • RAM 512mb DDR4
  • 20GB NVMe SSD
  • Unlimited traffic
  • France/Germany location
  • 3 мт4/мт5 terminals
  • SIGroup cross-broker terminal
  • RAM 512mb DDR4
  • 20GB NVMe SSD
  • Unlimited traffic
  • France/Germany location
  • up to 8 terminals
  • Virtual technology without installing terminals
  • 3 CPU X2.5 GHZ (TB 3.0)
  • RAM 3GB DDR4
  • 40GB NVMe SSD
  • Unlimited traffic
  • France/Germany location
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