PHOENIX revives after any drawdown and shows income.

A unique collaboration of indicators allows the robot to trade in any market, in any direction and survive drawdowns.
The functions of the trading robot are constantly updated according to current market realities. Even the most reliable templates lose relevance and have to be updated.
"The market is cyclical, but it never repeats itself".
Our trading robot is the champion of many competitions, the leader of various ratings on profitability and has more than 50 awards.
You can trace the history of development on the web and on our site. Join the team of successful traders.
Phoenix Multicurrency Expert Advisor has a lot of settings and can trade on any currency pair, which allows you to configure it for any trading strategies and instruments. The robot is optimized for all types of accounts with a minimum lot 0.01.
PHOENIX is an automated algorithm based on 5 indicators and combines 4 systems that hedge each other and work in different directions.
The profitability of the algorithm depends on the settings and trading pairs you choose. Profit varies from 5 to 50% per month. The Expert Advisor is considered to be moderately aggressive, which means it is suitable for everyone.

The profitability of the algorithm depends on the settings you choose:
Depends on the settings you choose:
  • Optimally conservative settings give 3 to 15% per month;
  • Moderate settings give from 5 to 15%;
  • Aggressive settings give 15 to 50%.

Phoenix is a multi-currency, universal MetaTrader4 robot and the working drawdown will depend on the number of pairs, the more trading pairs are involved, the more constant the drawdown will be and it is more interesting to observe how the advisor works.
It can be set as conservative or aggressive, depending on trader's preferences.
100+ active clients all over the world
Advisors from Simple Invest are traded in 43 countries around the world.
500+ days on trade. Without stopping
500+ days without intervention or control, full automatic.
300%+ income for 500+ days of work
For all this time earned more than 300% of the body of the deposit.
Победитель множества битв роботов
Many times it took the first place for the flexibility of setting up and automation of trading.
Deal monitoring service
Broker Roboforex
Account type - cent
Account was created 530+ days ago
Earned: 300%
Settings: Conservative
Simple Invest
Conservative settings:
➖Averaging step - 200pp, factor of calculation of the first order 2, deposit from 150$ and more 2-6 pairs.
Standard (default) settings:
➖Averaging step - 150pp, the coefficient of the first order calculation 1.5, deposit from $150 and more 4-5 pairs.
Aggressive settings:
➖Averaging step - 100 points, the coefficient of the first order calculation 1.0, a deposit of 250$ and more than 6-8 pairs.
How to buy?
The Expert Advisor is rented at one of the rates.
Advisor for an affiliate account, i.e. if you register with a broker and open an account using our link, you get the best price. Affiliate and FULL rates are suitable for you.
Expert Advisor for any accounts and brokers. If you want to trade on the account or the broker not tied to us, then Free rent and Unlimit tariffs are suitable for you.
After you have chosen a tariff and a broker, you need to enter the account number and a broker's name into the corresponding fields and press buy.

After the purchase and system check, you will receive to your email and personal account a license key with files and instructions.

WARNING! Verification of affiliate accounts takes up to 24 hours.
What do I get after the purchase?
After the purchase you will receive a license key with files and instructions to your email and on your personal account.
  • Expert Advisor, .ex4 file
  • Instruction manual in .pdf format
  • Current templates for the robot .set
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