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You find in the "Frequently Asked Questions" section, here you will find answers to general questions.
Price and tariffs for purchasing a robot
Fees are divided into two main types:
1) For partners - these are accounts created using our affiliate links or codes;
2) Free - for accounts at any broker and in any affiliate network.

How to buy an EA?
To buy an EA you need to register with a broker (we recommend partner brokers, as our EAs are optimised for their trading conditions), then make a deposit in myAlpari and select a rate.
After the payment in myAlpari the archive with the files will be available for downloading.
What do I get when I buy the robot?
After purchasing your robot, you receive a licence key, which you will need to enter into the robot's settings.
An archive with the robot file, ready-made templates for the robot and a manual with the robot parameters a description.
How do I get an advisor free?
In order to get a free Expert Advisor for 30 days, you need to open an affiliate account with FreshForex broker.
If you are a Russian resident, please create a ticket for instructions on how to open an account with an international broker.
 After registration and verification, you can apply for a 30-day license.
Can I get an EA on a DEMO account?
No, advisors are not issued for DEMO accounts now.
How do I install an EA?
Instructions on how to install the advisor in the mt4 terminal are in the archive that is available after purchase.
How much can I earn with a robot?
The returns depend on the activity, the market volatility, and the settings you choose, so the numbers vary. For example, this month the returns on the same settings may be 30%, the next month 10% or even 5%, but if you calculate the returns over a long distance, you will get 15% an average per month.
Which broker should I use?

You can use any MetaTrader 4 forex broker. The lower the broker spreads/commissions and the faster the execution speed, the better. The list of partner brokers can be found in your personal account.

What is the minimum balance?
     Our EAs can trade on deposits from 100$
How reliable is the product and what guarantees do you give?
The product has been operating successfully and showing stable results since 2022 and is constantly improving, in both returns and reliability terms. There are no guarantees for high-yield investments, so you need to assess your options when making a deposit and assess the risks
What is the return policy?
Due to the software downloadable nature and the markets unpredictable nature, refunds are not possible under any circumstances. If you are dissatisfied with this, please do not buy.
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